Acknowledgement of Serbia’s entire academic community

The European Academy of Sciences and Arts in Salzburg inaugurated President Tomislav Nikolic as its protector.

The title of protector is honorary, and Nikolic will actually be a sponsor of many members of the Academy in Serbia. The European Academy of Sciences and Arts, based in Salzburg, was founded on March 7, 1990. The Academy focuses on the interdisciplinary discussion between specialized areas, ideologies and scientific cultures, as well as the promotion of trans-national dialogue and visionary development of new scientific knowledge and academic thinking. Having been appointed as a protector, Nikolic said that he views the recognition as an honor expressed to Serbia’s entire academic community for continuous and centuries-long contribution to the corpus of European and world scientific and artistic thought. "As a promoter of scientific work, academicism, tolerance and cohesion among scientists and artists, among peoples and nations, the Academy is building new humanism and in that most august mission, it will always have the generous help of Serbia’s academic community and my personal commitment," said Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic.