Conditions for better education - national interest

BELGRADE - Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic has said that Serbia should ensure conditions that would improve the education system as the foremost national interest and constant concern of the state and society.

Conditions for better education - national interest

"I would consider my political mission accomplished when all students would stay in Serbia and with their capabilities help restore the state that was not really history's favorite, and enable a better and happier life for this long-suffering people," Nikolic said on Thursday evening at a ceremony on the occasion of the Students' Day that is marked on April 4.


Nikolic told students that, besides knowledge, they have to have moral values, citing Albert Einstein who said that "only morality in our actions can give beauty and dignity for life".


Only the combination of knowledge and moral values will have a beneficial effect, not only on individuals, but also on the entire community, Nikolic said at the ceremony, celebrating the Students' Day under the slogan "Europe in a Student's Booklet, Serbia at Heart".


Every responsible state should continually invest efforts in improving the education system, the university education in particular, but also the quality of courses, and re-examine the relation between the labor market and education profiles.


It is the state's job to harmonize the national curriculum with those taught in Europe and the world, Nikolic said.


Nikolic mentioned the fact that the University of Belgrade managed to earn its place in the prestigious Shanghai ranking listing the world's top universities, noting that it is "a measure of a country's respect and growth", and added that universities in the region, and even some much older institutions, have yet to achieve that.


"To remain among the best and advance in the university education - that is a clear message to the world that Serbia is making progress," President Nikolic concluded.