Difficult reconstruction work is ahead

BELGRADE - Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic sent a convoy of humanitarian aid collected at his appeal to the most endangered places across Serbia on Monday and said that the country is facing a tough job of reconstructing the endangered regions.

Nikolic said he is confident that the government has done its job in the best way possible, adding that Serbia is now facing the laborious task of rebuilding the country.

President Nikolic called on all people of good will to help the endangered people, adding that he has met with a positive response from almost all presidents around the world and that he believes that the aid will be massive and invaluable.

Companies throughout Serbia have responded to the president’s appeal and took part in the campaign to collect aid for the people endangered by floods, and President Nikolic said that this kind of aid collection will be possible to organize once every few days.

Photo Tanjug, O. Toskic