Dear citizens of Serbia, Serbia’s progress and a better life for its citizens will not be possible to achieve without the foundations of a healthy society where there is no place for criminal activity. The policy of an uncompromising fight against crime is one of the main conditions for the implementation of reforms and for economic progress of our country. I have supported, and will continue to support, such a policy pursued by the Government. The citizens of Serbia rightfully expect of their own country to ensure safe living conditions, free of fear that they might become victims of violence and crime one day. Their confidence in the police depends on its efficiency in doing the job entrusted to it by the people and the state. Therefore, it is necessary to go ahead with the initiated law enforcement reform and create a modern, depoliticized and effective Police Force in the service of the people. What I, and the citizens of Serbia and the Government as well, have been dissatisfied with are the efforts against crime made by the Police Force itself in dealing with street crime, drug dealers and drug barons. In the efforts to combat this evil eating away at our children and our society in general, no more significant results have been achieved in the past period. Obviously, the results are lacking because these criminal groups have their associates, informants and accomplices in the Ministry of Interior itself, thus managing to escape being booked and face justice. On the other hand, a large number of police officers in the line of duty have selflessly sacrificed their own lives or health to protect the security of the country and demonstrated an exemplary courage and determination. It is for the sake of those law enforcers that it is extremely important that the institution tasked to protect inland security be returned to the normal standards related to morals, fairness, honesty and justice. Unfortunately, due to the lack of professionalism of individuals on the Force, a proper fight against corruption has been become impossible. I therefore ask the Government to appoint committed fighters against crime and let these responsible people do the job entrusted to them. The Police Force must not serve the purpose of various media manipulations, must not act arbitrarily according to the whims of senior officers or under pressure from the political power structures. Instead, it must protect each citizen according to the law and not from the law. A clear distinction must be made between those elected by the people to be involved in politics and those responsible for the security, public order and the peace of all citizens and our country, Serbia. I am convinced that the Government of Serbia will respond effectively, and I request to be informed of all the measures taken, and the Government report to be also submitted to the National Security Council for consideration.