Kosovo Serbs should be united in local elections

BELGRADE - Presidential advisor Marko Djuric stated Thursday that Serbia's state leadership has invited the Serbs from northern Kosovo-Metohija (KiM) to participate in local elections scheduled for November 3 in unity.

"It is very important that any agreement we reach, in any direction, is an agreement that would result in unity," Djuric told Radio Television of Serbia after a meeting between top government officials and representatives of Serbs from northern KiM.
"Elections were one of the central topics we discussed and we want the Serbs to be united in these elections," Djuric said.
If a decision about participating in the election is made jointly, the key interest is for the Serbs to take part in them with a single list, Djuric said.
Advisor to the Serbian president Marko Djuric said on Thursday evening that not a single decision about the forthcoming local elections in Kosovo-Metohija (KiM) or the future of the Serb people will be delivered without participation of representatives of the Serb people and all Serbian citizens in KiM, and Zvecan Mayor Dragisa Milovic said that divisions would be the worst possible outcome.
“Serbia has no intention of being less active regarding our people in KiM, no intention of giving up on the fight that we have been conducting for 14 years, the people with whom we spoke today being at the forefront of that fight, and we are proud of their perseverance and resolve, and we are giving them full support to stay and endure,” Djuric said after a three-hour meeting between Serbia's top officials and representatives of the local self-governments in northern Kosovo-Metohija.
Our efforts are aimed at a joint strategy for realizing long-term state and national interests in KiM, Djuric said.
The talks focused on the local elections in KiM scheduled for November 3, and the top officials informed the Kosovo Serbs about all details of the Brussels agreement, but also heard out representatives of the local self-governments in northern KiM, he said.
Djuric underscored that Belgrade will also talk with representatives of the Serbs south of the Ibar River.
Milovic, who addressed the press on behalf of representatives of local self-governments in northern Kosovo, said that a unique solution will be sought at future meetings with Serbia's state leadership, because "divisions would be the worst possible outcome."
Representatives of the four municipalities voiced concern about the situation in KiM, with special reference to the upcoming local elections, he said.
"This is the first of several meetings and it is normal that we will present the observations and suggestions of the state leadership to our fellow citizens, but it is also normal that we will search for a solution that would be in the interest of Serbia and the Serbian citizens in KiM," Milovic stressed.
Asked whether the top government officials invited the Serbs in northern Kosovo to go to the polls on November 3 and whether they will think about it, he briefly replied: "Of course."
"Serbia's leadership has its obligation under the Brussels agreement. The elections scheduled for November 3 are one of the obligations, but there are many things that need to be defined and done before that," Milovic concluded.
Photo Tanjug, Nenad Milosevic