New government has to be most serious in Serbia’s history

DELIBLATO - Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic said Tuesday that given the enormous trust of the people it has earned, the new government has to be the most serious one in Serbia’s recent history, and pledged doing all he can to help in achieving its goals.

Nikolic said that that prime minister-in-waiting Aleksandar Vucic is aware of that, adding that he is confident that Vucic is able to choose the right people who can follow his energetic lead.
After visiting the household of Dimitrije Margan in the village of Deliblato, northern Serbia, Nikolic voiced his desire for the people in Serbia to finally feel they can live normally like everyone else.
“In these most difficult possible conditions, the government has a great chance to stay remembered as the one that has fulfilled the wishes of the people. If somehow it fails in that I do not know if we will be able to go on. Let all those who are to take oaths before the members of parliament by the end of the month now reconsider if they are ready to accept the big job and responsibilities and if they are aware that it is no longer just the honor of being an MP, minister or any kind of state official,” Nikolic said.
To assume responsibility now is an obligation and honor is for some other times, he said.
Nikolic said that he and incoming prime minister Vucic discussed the goals, plans and programs drawn up by the SNS leader, and also the scale of priority for actions to be taken in different areas.
He added, however, that these talks did not touch on the resolution on Kosovo-Metohija that he had proposed.
We are bound to deal with the Kosovo issue and we will be thinking about it and the new resolution seriously when the government is formed, he said.
Nikolic said that a lot has happened in the past, things such as the Albanians’ announcing to form their own army and intending to pass a law under which voting rights will be had only by those who have documents issued by Pristina.
It is time the Serbian parliament started discussing the situation in Kosovo and a relevant plan of action for the government, Nikolic said.
Biggest investments in agriculture
Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic stated on Tuesday, during the visit to the village of Deliblato near Kovin in Serbia's northern province of Vojvodina, that farmers need government incentives which is why biggest investments should be made in this sector.
Nikolic went to Deliblato on Tuesday for the corn seedtime after which he visited the household of Dimitrije Margan.
In the talks with the family, Nikolic noted that Serbia has an adequate market and buyers for its agricultural products.
Serbia has outstanding soil, water and air quality, as well as hard-working people but they need government incentives and support, he said.
”We will patiently and systematically recover the industry sector but this will take years, perhaps even decades. Agriculture may recover every year, granted sufficient funds are provided and the government demonstrates willingness to invest in agriculture,” the president said.
Nikolic told reporters that the agriculture sector abounds in problems, such as the problem of renting and distribution of plots, defining the prices and collecting the dues for sold products, which was a topic in the talks with the people in Deliblato.
Nevertheless, he said that farmers themselves give rise to certain problems such as excessive fragmentation of plots and the impossibility of land redistribution.
With high prices, high plot rents and investments, farmers can hardly earn something despite their hard work, Nikolic said.
Dimitrije and Aleksandar Margan told the president that the biggest problem lies in the uncertainties concerning product sale prices even after the seeds have been planted, noting that the prices of agricultural products are constantly dropping.
They also noted that climate conditions and market demands are increasingly difficult and that farmers need to use much more chemicals and invest a lot of effort, which increases production costs.
Spring seedtime is underway in Serbia and the seedtime for the most important agricultural product, corn, begins in April. Corn seed will be planted on around 1.3 million hectares this year.