Opening of the renovated maternity ward in Vranje

VRANJE – President of Serbia Tomislav Nikolic and his wife Dragica opened in Vranje, today, the renovated maternity ward, Gynecology and Obstetrics of the General Hospital in that city.

The refurbished maternity ward was officially handed over for operation by Dragica Nikolic, President of the Governing Board of the “Dragica Nikolic” Foundation. Тhe ward was renovated thanks to the 20 million dinar donation.
Dragica Nikolic stated that she was fascinated by the donor interest and the architectural design that resembled old Vranje.
“When I first visited the maternity ward three months ago, I was surprised that it had not been renovated ever since its construction in 1980. Mothers, daughters and granddaughters have been giving birth for 34 years in the same rooms, beds and even bedding. Our poverty, frequently used only as an excuse, was the underlying reason that three generations gave birth to their babies in the same conditions”, said the wife of the President of the Republic.

More than 600 square meters on the third floor, belonging to Gynecology and Obstetrics and the maternity ward, were renovated.
Modern medical equipment like the ultrasound, delivery tables and medical apparatuses monitoring the vital functions of new born babies have also been donated. New bed linen and kits for babies have also been provided.
President Nikolic recalled that this was the second maternity ward renovated with the assistance of “Dragica Nikolic” Foundation and that Novi Pazar would soon also have a new maternity ward soon.
He explained that due to the recent flood emergency, works in Novi Pazar had been delayed and that 73 other maternity wards across Serbia awaited renovation as well.
“I have come here for the first time and, although I knew that it was nice and decent for childbirth, I now see it for myself. No investments have been made into this maternity ward for 34 years. I talked to the Health Minister who says that even if you don’t renovate a maternity ward for five years, you are faced with a problem”, said the President of Serbia.

Health Minister Zlatibor Loncar said that a lot could be done with the help of donations, as evidenced by the Vranje maternity ward where some 1,700 new babies were born every year.
“The maternity ward as it is today is guidance as to how we should proceed when it comes to the other sections of the hospital and it gives us hope that we will succeed and that the project “one building, one hospital” will be completed”, said the acting Head of the Vranje Health Centre Vladimir Stamenkovic.
Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic and his wife Dragica also gave presents to Dragana Ristic from the Kosovo Municipality of Ranilug, who left the Vranje maternity ward with her new baby Simona, today.