President Nikolic delivers humanitarian aid to Bajina Basta

BAJINA BASTA - Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic delivered humanitarian aid to the municipality of Bajina Basta and visited the local population in Rogacica and Gvozdica which suffered most severe damages due to floods and landslides.

The emergency situation is still in force in 12 local communities of the Bajina Basta municipality where the natural disaster left 49 families homeless.

“The conditions for normal living here are currently lacking and the Dragica Nikolic Foundation decided to fund the construction of four houses in the area. It is up to the municipality to find safe locations for construction in cooperation with geologists and the Foundation will provide the construction materials,” Nikolic said as he delivered the aid on Tuesday.

He called on government bodies to make the donations VAT free.

It can be hard if 20 percent of all donations are used to pay tax, Nikolic said and added that profit should not be made at the expense of the disaster.

The estimated value of the damages done by floods and landslides in the Bajina Basta municipality totals EUR 7 million.

A total of EUR 33,000 and RSD 9 million have been transferred to the local aid accounts so far.

Screenshot Tanjug video