President Nikolic lays wreath at Memorial to Kosovo Heroes

KRUSEVAC - The marking of Vidovdan or St Vitus' Day, a religious and national holiday, began on Saturday morning in Krusevac, where Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic laid a wreath at the Memorial to Kosovo Heroes.

The marking of 625 years since the Battle of Kosovo started on Saturday morning with a holy liturgy at the Prince Lazar Endowment, after which a commemoration was held for those who died while fighting for freedom.

To the wreath-laying ceremony, Nikolic was accompanied by Defense Minister Bratislav Gasic, Interior Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic and Chief of the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff Gen. Ljubisa Dikovic.

This religious and national holiday is marked in remembrance of Prince Lazar Hrebeljanovic and other Serbs who were killed in the battle against the Turkish army at Kosovo Field in 1389.

In honor of St Vitus' Day - the Day of the City of Krusevac, the highest recognition granted by that city, St Vitus' Prize, will be given to Defense Minister Gasic at a ceremonial session of the city assembly on Saturday evening.

Photo screenshot Tanjug video