President Nikolić lays wreath at Monument to Kosovo Heroes

KRUŠEVAC -- President Tomislav Nikolić on Friday laid a wreath at the Monument to Kosovo Heroes in Kruševac, central Serbia.

The ceremony was the start of the marking of the 624th anniversary of the Battle of Kosovo
The Battle of Kosovo took place on June 28, 1389, in Kosovo Polje, near Priština, and was fought between the soldiers of the medieval Serbian kingdom and the invading Ottoman Turks. 
Nikolić said on Friday he expected Serbia to start the accession talks with the EU very soon. 
"I expect the official decision (by the European Council) this afternoon or evening. It will be known then who wanted what and who demanded what. I expect us to be in the EU some day and I expect the talks to start very soon and for us to conitinue with reforms," he stated. 
The ceremony in Kruševac started with liturgy Friday morning, after which the clergy and citizens walked to the memorial carrying relics of Prince Lazar, where a commemorative service was held for those who died for freedom.