President Nikolic to nominate Vucic as future PM after April 17

BELGRADE - Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic will confer with party representatives after the Serbian parliament constitution and nominate leader of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) Aleksandar Vucic for the position of the future prime minister, president's advisor Stanislava Pak Stankovic stated on Saturday.

Advisor of the President, Stanislava Pak Stankovic

After Vucic announced on Saturday that the parliament would be set up on April 16 or 17, Pak Stankovic told Tanjug that according to the Law on Government, the president is obliged to invite all caucus representatives to the consultations on government constitution.


SNS won 158 out of 250 MP mandates in the elections and will claim more than a half of seats in the future parliament.


The Serbian president will nominate the future prime minister after he hears the opinions by representatives of chosen electoral lists.


The nominated prime minister will then present the government programme and propose government members after which the parliament will vote on the programme and appointment of the prime minister and other government members.


The Serbian parliament has to appoint the government within three months at the latest or else it will be dissolved in keeping with the Constitution and new elections would be called.


The SNS leader and the future prime minister announced on Saturday that the Serbian government would be set up on April 25 or 26.