President Nikolic receives credentials of new Algerian ambassador

BELGRADE - Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic on Wednesday received the credentials of newly-appointed Indonesian Ambassador to Serbia Harry Richard James Kandou.

President Nikolic expressed satisfaction with the state of the bilateral relations of the two countries, which have a history of over 60 years, and the confidence that they will continue to develop according to the numerous potentials that Serbia and Indonesia have.
"Serbia's wish and orientation is to continually enhance the cooperation with Indonesia in all fields. We are confident that strengthening the economic cooperation of our countries, for which there are realistic possibilities and an undeniable mutual interest, would be of mutual interest to our friendly nations," Nikolic noted.
Serbia has set EU membership as its strategic goal, but it simultaneously wants to cherish and develop good relations with all countries of the world, among which Indonesia has a special place, and to which it is connected by a traditional friendship, mutual respect and understanding, Nikolic said.
Nikolic thanked Indonesia for its principled position on non-recognition of the unilaterally declared independence of Kosovo and for the assistance provided in the recovery from the catastrophic floods that hit Serbia in May 2014.
The new Indonesian ambassador said that the bilateral cooperation of the two countries, which has been tested through history, is developing at all levels, but noted that there is sufficient room to improve it.
Indonesia is looking forward to closer cooperation with Serbia, one of the most significant countries in southeastern Europe, Ambassador Kandou said.
He said that Indonesia appreciates the significant development of Serbia's European integration process, which it sees as a strategic one and as beneficial to both Serbia and EU.
Indonesia's support for Serbia's efforts to protect its territorial integrity and sovereignty pursuant to the Charter of the UN and international law remains unchanged, the ambassador said.
The Indonesian embassy spares no time or energy in taking our friendly relations to a strategic level - with your support, our cooperation should bring more tangible and more concrete results in the fields of economy, socio-politics, defence, culture, education, tourism and sport, Ambassador Kandou noted.
He said that he will work on organising exchanges of a larger number of visits by officials, representatives of the private business sector, scientists, students and citizens of the two countries.
New Mexican ambassador presents accreditation letter
Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic received on Wednesday the accreditation letter of the new Mexican Ambassador Jose Evaristo Ramon Xilotl Ramirez.
Serbia and Mexico are linked by a tradition of friendship, high level of understanding and developed cooperation, and Serbia is committed to further strengthening the relations and cooperation with Mexico in all areas, Nikolic stated.
He expects the political dialogue between the two countries to reach a level that corresponds to the long years of friendship and cooperation between them.
Nikolic thanked the Mexican government on its view concerning Kosovo and support for Serbia's efforts to reach a sustainable solution for that issue using diplomacy.
He invited the Mexican president to visit Serbia soon.
Ramirez pointed out that the relations between Serbia and Mexico had a long history of friendship and understanding, and that they ahd participated in global events on the same side many times.
The historical friendship between the two nations is the benchmar, for joint coopeartion and development projects, he stressed.
Serbia is undertaking a legestlative and political transformation as part of its EU integration, the ambassador noted, adding that he wished to explore the possibilities of joint diplomatic activities in that area.
New Qatari ambassador presents accreditation letter
Qatar's new Ambassador to Serbia Sheikh Mubarak bin Fahad Jassim Mohammed Al Thani presented on Wednesday his accreditation letter to Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic, who said Serbia wanted to be a reliable and honest partner to Qatar.
Nikolic stated he believed the friendly relations between the two nations were a strong basis for improving the overall bilateral cooperation.
Serbia wants to be a reliable and honest partern to Qatar and for the economic cooperation with that country, for which there are realistic possibilities and undoubtable mutual interest, to improve significantly in the future, for the benefit of both nations, Nikoilc stressed.
The opening of diplomatic offices of Qatar in Belgrade and Serbia in Doha will provide additional incentive to strengthen the overall relations and friendship between the two countries, Nikolic remarked.
Serbia is especially grateful for Qatar's help after last year's catastrophic floods, Nikolic said, adding that it was another powerful gesture of friendship and solidarity that the Serbian people appreciated and remembered.
The newly appointed ambassador said he would invest maximum effort into consolidating and strengthening the relations with Serbia based on mutual respect and shared interest.
Nikolic receives credentials of new Algerian ambassador
Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic on Wednesday received the credentials of new Algerian Ambassador to Belgrade Abdelhamid Chebchoub, who said that possibilities for business investments between the two countries will be among the priorities of his mandate
There is a new dynamism in the relations between Algeria and Serbia and an essential improvement in all domains, in line with the traditional friendship forged in the glorious days of the Algerian liberation war, Nikolic noted.
"I expect that the economic cooperation between our two countries, for which there are possibilities and an undeniable mutual interest, will reach and subsequently surpass the level achieved more than 20 years ago," President Nikolic noted.
He expressed confidence that newly-appointed Ambassador Chebchoub will follow in the footsteps of his predecessor in doing everything to ensure that the excellent conditions for improving overall relations with Serbia are utilised, in particular in the economy - in agriculture, telecommunications and the pharmaceuticals and construction industries.
Nikolic also thanked Algeria for its consistent position regarding non-recognition of the unilaterally declared independence of Kosovo-Metohija, adding that he expects that the country will stand by that position.
The new Algerian ambassador said that bilateral relations between Serbia and Algeria, which are based on an honest friendship, joint interests and the same approach to international issues, have strengthened further over the past years despite the changes that took place in both countries.
There are ample possibilities that need to be utilised and investment opportunities that businesspeople from the two countries should not miss, Ambassador Chebchoub said, adding that this will be among the priorities of his mandate.
Politically, Algeria is satisfied with the existing permanent coordination with Serbia, the ambassador said, noting that consultations between the two countries on the economic and security challenges facing them need to be intensified.
He congratulated Serbia on being elected the chair of the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe and said that Algeria, as the organisation's Mediterranean partner, is ready to work with Serbia on improving peace and security in the Mediterranean.

Photo Tanjug, D. Stankovic