President Nikolic: Serbia did not appear yesterday

KNIC - Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic said at a ceremony marking the 100th anniversary of the Church of St Elijah in Knic on Sunday that Serbia is a country of ancestors, that it did not appear yesterday and will not disappear tomorrow.

"Forefathers built the foundation of this church, and some people are striking against the foundation of our country," Nikolic told the crowd.

"Everything we build on Earth is small compared to the deeds we can leave to our future generations. That is what I use to guide myself. This life is short. Let it be written that you were worthy of it, let your children speak of it. I am the president through your will and this is how I work and think, and if you do not like me, then circle someone else's name," Nikolic noted.

Knic is close to Nikolic's place of birth, and the people of the area welcomed him heartily and gave him an icon to protect him.