Serbia defended international law

ALEKSINAC - Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic laid a wreath on Tuesday at the monument to the victims of NATO bombing in Aleksinac, and stressed that by defending itself in 1999, Serbia also defended the law and justice, the international laws and institutions.

"Sixteen years have passed since the first NATO bombs fell on our cities and villages," said Nikolic, adding that at that time "by defending our territorial integrity, we defended the international principle of integrity that applies to all sovereign countries in the world, we defended the law and justice, the international laws, charters, institutions, before which we should all be equal".
Nikolic underlined that 16 years ago "we warned that the precedent against Serbia opened a Pandora's Box with dangerous consequences for the international community".
"Lonely and tragic, the voice of Serbia was lost in the cacophony of tyrants who tore apart the very core of the international system, first by words and decisions, and then by bombs. The consequences of arrogant decisions made 16 years ago are felt to this day around the world," said Nikolic.