Serbia will meet conditions for EU accession

BELGRADE - Serbia will meet all the conditions for EU accession, Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic stated on Thursday in the talks with Didier Burkhalter, president of the Swiss Confederation and the head of the country's Federal Department of Foreign Affairs.

”We consider it exceptionally important for the country to be regulated in a way that is envisaged by the European legislature,” Nikolic said.
The Serbian president said that Belgrade has won support everywhere for the talks with Pristina, and expressed the expectation that the country will obtain full EU membership in much easier way than many people expected.
”Serbia is committed to cooperation in the region. Problems do arise sporadically but they can cause no harm to the important ties between countries,” the Serbian president said.
The Swiss president noted that regional cooperation and reconciliation in the region are very important.
He said that he has come to bring the message that the cooperation between the two countries is a genuine treasure, especially in the course of the previous two years, and added that security needs to be improved and reforms have to go on. After the progress Serbia has made in all segments, more investments will certainly arrive from Switzerland, he said.
Nikolic said that it will be a great honor for Serbia to hold the OSCE chair in 2015. “We are currently following your moves because we share the same goals,” Nikolic told Burkhalter whose country chairs OSCE this year.
The biggest challenge the new Serbian government will have to tackle is embodied in the ways to avoid pension cuts, Nikolic said.
Reflecting on the difficult economic situation in Serbia, Nikolic said that every year, the budget is some ten percent short of the funds necessary for a positive budget balance, the president's press service stated in its release.
Nikolic noted that Serbia's stand on the situation in Ukraine is a well-known fact and added that the country does not want to find itself in the position where it would be compelled to take sides, but it will certainly try to provide assistance in the search for a peaceful solution.