interview questions from People's Daily

1. The forthcoming visit of Chinese president Xi Jinping to Serbia is the first visit by a Chinese president to Serbia in 32 years. What's the exceptional importance of this historical visit?

The first visit made by a Chinese President after more than 30 years is a historic moment for Serbia, and a watershed in our bilateral relations. We are thankful to President Xi Jinping for his perception of Serbia as true friend and partner, and for his decision to choose Belgrade as the first destination on his European tour. This visit will provide an opportunity for us to strengthen our bilateral relations, and it will give a strong boost to our economic cooperation. Relations between Serbia and China have traditionally been very good, especially in the economic area. Moreover, possibilities for major infrastructural projects, with the participation of China, are yet to be exhausted. When it comes to political issues, we will convey the message of gratitude for the support that China lends to Serbia’s territorial integrity and for the support it lent to Serbia throughout the so-called Kosovo’s UNESCO membership bid.

Serbia supports both one-China policy and dialogue as the best ways to resolve open issues. An upswing in the economic cooperation is in evidence. We maintain extraordinary cooperation on infrastructural projects, in the energy and transportation sectors. I will renew my appeal to President Xi Jinping, asking him to invite investors from China to recognize Serbia.

Being an excellent destination for direct investments, Serbia has favourable geography, plenty of water and sunshine, mild climate, exceptional soil. Well-educated and industrious people, ready to work and contribute to the overall development, are all Serbia’s comparative advantage. I would like to underline President Xi Jinping’s personal contribution to Serbia’s overall development. I completely agree with his recent thought: The Chinese dream brings happiness not only to the Chinese people, but also to peoples around the world. Together, we will make the Serbian-Chinese dream come true.