President Nikolic with the Ambassador of the UAE

President of the Republic of Serbia Tomislav Nikolic met the Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates Juma Rashed Al Dhaheri.

Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic voiced his pleasure at the excellent bilateral relations between the two countries and genuine friendship between the two peoples. “Investments from the Emirates are always welcome in Serbia, at least for two reasons. The first being that the investors want to do business, and the second that they are having success in doing business”, the President of Serbia said. The President observed that Serbia also encountered, over the past fifteen years, those investors who bought its factories only to close them. “It is for this reason that we are so highly appreciative of those who help develop Serbia, in parallel with investing in their projects”, President Nikolic underlined.

Ambassador Juma Rashed Al Dhaheri thanked the President of Serbia for receiving him and extended an invitation to the President by Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan to make an official visit to the United Arab Emirates. “We strive hard to have good relations with Belgrade and we wish to help Serbia to become a regional leader. Recalling the cooperation in the area of investments, Ambassador Juma Rashed Al Dhaheri said that the inauguration of regular flights between Belgrade and New York in June would open up significant developmental opportunities for Serbia.

President Nikolic pointed to the possibility of operating non-stop flights to Cuba and China, having in mind that the Belgrade Airport has great potential which is insufficiently tapped into. The President told his interlocutor that the former JAT Airways in the early 1970s ran long-haul flights to the United States, Australia and the Far East. At the time, it carried on board its flights more than 5 million passengers per year and flew to 80 destinations on five continents.

President Nikolic and Ambassador Rashed Al Dhaheri noted that there are individuals, both in and outside Serbia, who oppose the outstanding cooperation between Serbia and the United Arab Emirates. Opposition exists despite the fact that there is no single reason to justify that. This, however, will not act as an obstacle; on the contrary, it was noted at the end of the meeting that cooperation will be further solidified, in the mutual interest.