President Nikolic with representatives of Serbian organizations from the region

Belgrade, April 06 2016 – Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic met representatives of Serbian organizations from the region on Wednesday, at their request.

President Nikolic welcomed representatives of Serbian organizations, expressing satisfaction with their initiative to establish Conference of Serbian organizations as a method of work. ”Serbia is firmly committed to improving the position of Serbs in the region“, underlined President Nikolic, adding that the country is standing on a stable course of peace and cooperation among the states. ”The cooperation of Serbia with countries in the region is getting better every day. When I react to certain political appearances, I try to be moderate, precisely because I take care about you. It is easy to act heroic from Belgrade“, emphasized President Nikolic. He added that, unfortunately, certain countries, above all Croatia and part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, still express their courage by attacking Serbs.Stressing the importance of joint action of the Serbs on improving their situation and status in domicile countries, President Nikolic said they will havestrong support of the state on that issue. ”Serbia is a pillar of stability of the whole region today, relations with Hungary and Slovenia are at a historic high, we are intensively working on closer ties with Macedonia, Montenegro, Albania,Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania“, pointed out President of Serbia. However, it is also important for Serbs to show initiative, harmony and desire to cooperate with the mother land, he added. ”For the first time in political historyit happened that a Hungarian Minister supports the Government of Serbia, friendly relations between the two countries are visible at every step and the two minorities can experience that“, stressed Serbian President. He expressed concern at the meeting over the apparent appearance of assimilation of Serbs in certain states, saying that disorientation and poor assessment of certain politicians who lead Serbs in those countries greatly contributed to such situation.Representatives of the Serbs thanked the President for time and attention devoted to them, and presented numerous problems they are facing with. They
ascertained several common problems, especially the lack of unity and lack of institutional support in recent years. Representatives of Diaspora emphasized the key political successes of President Nikolic, who has contributed to a historic reconciliation with Hungary, has established an excellent relationship with the President of Slovenia, leads a moderate policy towards Zagreb and Bosnia-Herzegovina, provides support to Macedonia and Montenegro. Also, a historical step forward towards Albania was made, and all this directly affects on a better position of Serbs in the region. Representatives of Serbs from the region provided assurances to President of the Republic that they will be better organized at the regional level, overcome differences and stay united. They expect from the state, as they say, the continuation of the policy of peace and stability and a stronger and more concrete institutional support.President Nikolic insisted on more frequent meetings with representatives of the Diaspora, saying that the door at Andricev Venac are always opened for them and that he will continue to support all activities and efforts that contribute to better position of Serbs in the region and over the world. Letter to the Editor:Upon the initiative of the Serbian organizations from the region, the Conferenceof Serbian organizations from the region in permanent session was established as a method of work on June 2015 under the working title ”Serbs in the region - the situation and prospects“. The first conference was held in Budapest and the second in Podgorica. In the work of conference participated leading Serbian organizations from Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia, Republic of Srpska, Albania, Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro. The meeting with the President ofthe Republic Tomislav Nikolic attended: Ljubomir Aleksov, Serb representative in the Hungarian Parliament, Ognjen Krstic, President of the Union of Serbs in Romania, Nikola Todorovic, Vice President of the League of Serbian associations in Slovenia, Sasha Milosevic, Deputy President of the Serbian National Council in Zagreb, Milojko Budimir, President of the Association of Serbs from Croatia, Pavle Brajovic, President of the Serbian-Montenegrian Association ”Moraca - Rozafa” from Skadar, Gordana Jovic – Stojkovska, President of the Serbian community in Macedonia, Momcilo Vuksanovic, President of the Serbian National Council in Montenegro and Simon Djuretic, Associate of Serbian organizations in the region.