President Nikolic with Secretary General of the Collective Security Treaty Organization

Belgrade, 05 April 2016 – ”Serbia is a military neutral country and will not join any military alliance, but is open for cooperation with everyone, in order to protect its own interests and efficiently oppose all security challenges brought by the modern age“, said President of the Republic of Serbia Tomislav Nikolic during the meeting with Nikolai Nikolayevich Bordyuzha, Secretary General of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), in Belgrade on Tuesday.

President Nikolic expressed satisfaction about the establishment of firm cooperation between Serbia and the CSTO, stressing that it could significantly contribute to further development of the defense industry in Serbia, even by creating joint products for third markets. President of Serbia emhasized he expects as soon as possible, as a result of the discussions Secretary General of the CSTO had with Serbian Prime Minister and ministers of defense and interior, concretization of the proposals on modalities of improving cooperation between the Republic of Serbia and the CSTO.
”It is in Serbia’s interest to develop good relations with the CSTO, as well as with NATO, but at the same time without undermining its military neutrality“, said President Nikolic.
Secretary General of the CSTO Nikolai Nikolayevich Bordyuzha initially thanked President Nikolic for the invitation to visit Serbia. He said that now more precisely understands challenges Serbia is facing with and, therefore, it becomes clear in which sphere the CSTO could offer help. Mr. Bordyuzha proposed to start with improving cooperation in the exchange of information between security services, pointing out that he considers it would be interesting for Serbian security structures. He also stated that CSTO can be of great help to Serbia in the fight against drug trafficking, organized crime, human trafficking, as well as in the fight against international terrorism and natural disasters. The CSTO respects Serbia's principle to remain militarily neutral and will never try in any way to impose anything contrary to that upon Serbia, emphasized Secretary General of the CSTO.