President Nikolic with the State Auditor of the Russian Federation

Belgrade, 20 December 2012 – President of the Republic of Serbia Tomislav Nikolić met today, in Belgrade, with the State Auditor of the Russian Federation, Mr. Sergei Stepashin.

President Nikolić underlined, on that occasion, that the quality of the relations between the Republic of Serbia and the Russian Federation was much higher than before and that their mutual cooperation had resulted in numerous financial transactions. It was therefore necessary to ensure careful oversight of all the monetary transactions so as to prevent the selfish interests of any individual from hampering these excellent relations between our countries and peoples. As for Serbia, the State Auditor was absolutely independent, enjoyed full support of the State authorities and was solely required to disclose any possible irregularities in the spending of state funds, said the President of the Republic.

The Russian State Auditor conveyed to President Nikolić the greetings from President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. Mr. Stepashin also stated that it was agreed with the Serbian State Auditor that, following the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement between the two countries, all major joint projects would be subject to joint audit. Concerted activity of the two State Auditors would further contribute to the excellent relations between Russia and Serbia, said Mr. Stepashin.