Press releases

31.01.2017 - 00:00

Greece's support on Kosovo-Metohija valuable

Countries that do not recognise Kosovo-Metohija's independence are valuable for Serbia, President Tomislav Nikolic said on Tuesday as Greek PM Alexis Tsipras noted his country's support for Serbia on the matter.

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30.01.2017 - 00:00

President Nikolic, Al Thani discuss bilateral cooperation

Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic on Monday received Qatari FM Sheikh Mohammed Bin Abdulrahman Bin Jassim Al Thani, who said his country was interested in cooperating with Serbia in many areas.

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26.01.2017 - 00:00

President Nikolic meets with Portugal PM Costa

Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic, who is on a two-day state visit to Portugal, met on Thursday with the country's PM Antonio Costa, presenting to him the numerous advantages Serbia was offering to investors.

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26.01.2017 - 00:00

President Nikolic meets with Ferro Rodrigues

On the second day of a state visit to Portugal, Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic met on Thursday with Portuguese Parliament Speaker Eduardo Ferro Rodrigues, who backed Serbia's European integration process.

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25.01.2017 - 00:00

New era in Serbia-Portugal relations

Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic said in Lisbon on Wednesday he wanted his visit to be a turning point marking a new era in the relations between Serbia and Portugal, noting that the two countries could forge better economic cooperation.

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19.01.2017 - 00:00

President Nikolic, Al-Jaafari discuss Serbia-Iraq cooperation

Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic on Thursday received Iraq's FM Ibrahim Al-Jaafari, expressing the hope the country would soon establish peace and stability in its entire territory, which he said would be a major impetus to improving Serbia-Iraq economic ties.

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17.01.2017 - 00:00

President Nikolic expects new context in relations with US

Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic told US Ambassador Kyle Scott Tuesday he understood the US was unconditionally backing something it had directly helped to create and that Washington had caused much trouble by implementing its own will, but expressed the hope such conduct would stop when the new US administration took office.

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16.01.2017 - 00:00

Kravchenko announces new NIS investments worth 1 bln euros

Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic on Monday spoke with Oil Industry of Serbia (NIS) General Manager Kirill Kravchenko, who announced new investments that would total 1 bln euros over the next three years.

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28.12.2016 - 00:00

President Nikolic expresses commitment to preserving regional peace, stability

Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic received the Chairman of the Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) Presidency Mladen Ivanic on Wednesday, expressing commitment to preserving regional peace and stability and noting that the Serbia-BiH ties were good.

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27.12.2016 - 00:00

President Putin to President Nikolic: Strategic partnership with Serbia confirmed

The year that is about to end confirmed the strategic character of the Russian-Serbian partnership, Russian President Vladimir Putin wrote in a letter handed to Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic on Tuesday by Russian Ambassador to Belgrade Alexander Chepurin.

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