29.08.2014 - 18:06

Four countries sign Declaration on missing persons

MOSTAR - Leaders of Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina (BiH) and Montenegro signed in Mostar on Friday the Declaration on missing persons which aims to encourage the search for missing persons and define the responsibilities and role of states in the search for a solution to the problem.

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04.08.2014 - 11:46

President Nikolic in Belgium at commemoration of WWI centenary

LIEGE - Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic has arrived in Liege, eastern Belgium, on Monday, where he is now attending the central event commemorating 100 years since the start of World War I on the Western front.

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16.07.2014 - 09:16

Historic chance for Serbia to become EU member

DUBROVNIK - Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic said in Dubrovnik on Tuesday that Serbia has a historic chance to become a member of the EU within a reasonable period of time.

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04.07.2014 - 12:55

Serbia is dedicated to peace

BELGRADE - Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic presented on Thursday the officers of the 57th class of the National Defence School General Staff professional improvement course with officer sabers and said that Serbian officers on peace missions were ambassadors and the most eloquent testimony of Serbia and its dedication to peace and security in the world.

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03.07.2014 - 12:00

President Nikolic and ambassadors of nine African countries donated humanitarian aid to Obrenovac and Kraljevo

OBRENOVAC - Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic and ambassadors of nine African countries visited Obrenovac and Kraljevo on Thursday and donated humanitarian aid to the population affected by the recent flooding.

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01.07.2014 - 17:54

President Nikolic opens Mammoth Park in Viminacium

BELGRADE - Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic opened on Monday the Mammoth Park, part of the Viminacium archeological park near Kostolac, underlining that the site provides an unusual and modern way for young people to learn about ancient history.

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01.07.2014 - 13:41

Construction of the new houses for families affected by floods

UB - Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic and his wife Dragica visited in Ub on Tuesday three houses destroyed in the May floods that are now being rebuilt with funds from the Dragica Nikolic Foundation

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29.06.2014 - 17:55

Serbia is next EU member state

BELGRADE - Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic has thanked European Commission (EC) President Jose Manuel Barroso for the support for Serbia on its path towards the EU, adding that Barroso has come to visit "Serbia, the next member state of the EU."

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28.06.2014 - 18:01

President Nikolic lays wreath at Memorial to Kosovo Heroes

KRUSEVAC - The marking of Vidovdan or St Vitus' Day, a religious and national holiday, began on Saturday morning in Krusevac, where Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic laid a wreath at the Memorial to Kosovo Heroes.

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28.06.2014 - 17:57

Serbia should pursue prudent policy

GRACANICA - Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic said at the Monastery of Gracanica on Saturday that Serbia should pursue a prudent policy in Kosovo-Metohija, and underscored that anyone who deems that the future could be built by making war is seriously mistaken.

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