Tomislav Nikolić

President of the Republic of Serbia

Tomislav Nikolić was born on 15 February 1952 in Kragujevac. He holds a master degree in economy. He completed secondary technical school (civil-engineering) in Kragujevac. He graduated from the Faculty of Economy and Engineering Management in Novi Sad. He started his career in 1971 by getting an employment in a civil engineering company “Žegrap” and worked in Majdanpek, Priboj, Prijepolje, Trebinje, Belgrade and other places. In 1978 he returned to Kragujevac to work in company “22. decembar” as head of Investment and Maintenance Department. He was a technical director of a public utility company in Kragujevac.


Nikolić’s first party engagement was in the National Radical Party where he was soon elected Vice-president. At his initiative, this party merged with local committees of the Serbian Chetnik Movement ran by Vojislav Šešelj and so on 23 February 1991, a new party was thus created called the Serbian Radical Party. Vojislav Šešelj was elected the Party’s first President with Nikolić becoming Vice-president. He has been subsequently voted three times as the Party’s Deputy President. On 6 September 2008, he resigned from all positions in the Serbian Radical Party and in October 2008, he founded the Serbian Progress Party. He was elected its President at the Founding Assembly on 21 October 2008.

Since 1992, Tomislav Nikolić has been a deputy in the Assembly of Serbia, the only deputy elected to all assemblies since 1992. Due to his political engagement, in 1995 he was sentenced to a two-month prison term which he served in Gnjilane.

In March 1998, he was elected Vice-President of the Government of Serbia. Since August 1999, he was Vice-President of the Federal Government during the premiership of Momir Bulatović.

In May 2007, he was elected the President of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia only to be voted out from this position by the same people who previously voted for him.

He ran for President in 2000 and came in third, after Vojislav Koštunica and Slobodan Milošević.

In the 2003 presidential elections he won most of the popular vote (47 %) but did not become President due to a low voter turnout.

In repeated presidential elections in 2004, he won most votes in the first round. He lost to Boris Tadić in the second round, 45 %: 53.7 %.

At the 2008 Presidential elections, Nikolić managed to win the most votes in the history of the Radical Party (2,197,155 i.e. 47.97 %) and lost to his rival with a small margin (2,304,467 i.e. 50.31 %).

At the 2012 Presidential elections, Tomislav Nikolić won against the incumbent President Boris Tadić in the second round by 49.54 % (1,552,063) to 47.31 % (1,481,952 votes) and became President of Serbia.

He resigned his post of the President of the Serbian Progress Party and thus made good on his pre-election campaign promise to be the President of all citizens in Serbia.

He took an oath on 31 May 2012 before the deputies in the National Assembly and assumed presidency.

He speaks English and Russian.

He is married to Dragica, with two sons, Radomir and Branislav. He has five grandchildren: Lenka, Julija, Dimitrije, Vojin and Janko.