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17 March Press Statement

Additionally, let us make things clear: the state of Serbia will not allow you to jeopardize anyone with your violence. So, all those who think that hooliganism, violence, attacks against people, assaults against people, if they think that they can do that, they are so wrong.

"The second topic, last night, since we stayed silent for months for the insults and nonsenses we’ve been listening by the fascist Obradović and tycoons Đilas and Jeremić and we have mostly tried to do our job. We have calculated that we opened totally 200 factories, facilities, new important business entities in Serbia in the past five years.  At the same time, I opened 100 facilities and I think that this is something Serbia can be proud of, and this is something I am proud of. Those are the results of our work. Everything that the others had never done, because they can only be proud of shutting facilities down, they can be proud of the size of their wallets and everything they had stolen from our people. And it is the most terrible thing for me when someone says- Vučić the thief. But this is something booed by the worst thieves in our country, those who had stolen 500 million euro. This is something I can’t understand.
Additionally, let us make things clear: the state of Serbia will not allow you to jeopardize anyone with your violence. So, all those who think that hooliganism, violence, attacks against people, assaults against people, if they think that they can do that, they are so wrong. The state of Serbia allowed protest walks, some were reported, some were not, there was everything, followed by what they have been booing, the state allowed everything. We let them do everything, we allowed everything. Their only problem was that less and less people were gathering. Last night, there were between 1500 and 1584 people. In the beginning, there were much less. In the end, also, much less. I have said this because Ljiljana Smajlović said today that no one dares to say how many people there were. At this moment, as far as I am informed, there are less than that. But they are noisy, because fascist Obradović and tycoon Đilas and Jeremić must get back to power.
Why do they need to get back to power? They have to do that in order to be able to plunder again. And, they are nervous for several reasons. They know well that the investigation has just recently been finished; a several years long investigation on operation of the enterprises… They know what comes after; they know how much money they had stolen. They know that we are reaching some other tycoons supporting them, both media-wise and financially. I guess they expect this to provoke panic and fear of all people. I guess they thought that I wouldn’t dare come and speak here today. I have no fear. I can lose only my life. Nothing more. I do not have 500 million euro.
I am not afraid of thugs attacking us because I know that my job is to defend Serbia. I have nothing more important and bigger than that; to protect and defend Serbia from tycoon bullies and fascist thugs. Those who brought chainsaws in the RTS last night. Ask RTS journalists how they felt. And those who were breaking glasses, because that was the only thing they could do.
When we speak about it, it seems to me that it is absolutely clear when they see that they get support from Priština. Because, last night in Pristina, at 22:15, breaking news was that Đilas was beaten. And it was only him who was beating people; no one laid a finger on him.
I see that I misunderstood Haradinaj. I thought that he was joking when he had said that he would overthrow me. Now I see he was serious about it, that he has serious associates. I have no problem with speaking about it publically. People in Serbia can see well enough and they know well enough to what extent this country was robbed and plundered precisely by Đilas and Jeremić. Boško Obradović is just an ordinary, small fascist who thinks that by beating people, and he hasn’t done it once, but on numerous occasions, starting from beating Goca Uzelac and Mara Dragić in front of the Pink TV, all the way to bating, i.e. twisting the arm of Maja Gojkovic, assaulting a clerk of the Republic Electoral Commission at the National Assembly of Serbia, and all the way to beating, ordering beating, of his own member that had left their committee. They have some sort of a pathological need to beat women. Just like he felt particularly brave last night when he stayed in the desk with women, what was the name of that nice woman…Jasmina Rakočević. Very nice woman. And he was going to order her what she would do, etc.
But they have faced a tough nut. They have bumped into someone who is not afraid of anything, and I am not afraid of them at all. Ever since the beginning we have known that their target was neither RTS, nor their target was anybody else. Their target is the one who is not afraid to tell them in their faces that they are the worst possible thieves; their target is the one who is not afraid to tell them that they had robbed everything and I am their target, because I’m carrying out national consolidation of Serbia, because Serbia is no longer as poor as it was in their time, when they were rich, because Serbia is economically, militarily and in any other way incomparably stronger.
I believe that no one has ever held a press conference under such circumstances. Absolutely never. But, with this, I wanted to show to the people in Serbia that there should not be a fear from hooligans, thugs and fascist leader Bosko Obradović and tycoon leaders Đilas and Jeremić.
It is much more important for me to ask people, decent people who think differently, to ask them not to take part in violence, because everybody who took part in violence last night or any time in the future, will answer before the law. It is clear, and there is no joke about it. Everybody is equal before the law. Those who take part in violence, who break the law, they will answer before the law.
I want to ask those people who think differently, simply not to think for a single moment that it is possible that those who push them to violence are not using them for their own political purposes, but to understand well what has been going on and that they can protest, they can fight politically, they can go for elections, vote for anyone they want, as much as they want, but that one thing is not allowed in Serbia, and that is violence.
Additionally, a problem for Serbia in fact is that an image, we do not want to be sent, was sent from Serbia. I am proud of our police officers who haven’t contributed to the respective in any way. I am proud of those people who protect our children every day, who rescue on a daily basis who knows how many children from difficult situations, for going after drug dealers, for going after terrorists, for going after who knows what.
You see, my big concern is that this image is ruining our chances to bring investment. It’s all the same for them. In their time, there were no investment at all. All the investments were into their pockets. Today, I am interested in investments for Serbia, for our people, investments for new factories where our people will be able to work. I do not care about the way someone can get rich. I am afraid that this is not sending the best picture to the world, but I congratulate to our police officers, who, in the most peaceful way brought out, removed fascist Obradović and tycoons Đilas, and I do not know who else was there, all their thugs they went there with last night, with many patience and tolerance, and there were only a few of them. Those who were outside were people who think differently; as well as the guy with chainsaw and all the others.
I think that it is very important that people in Serbia know well what has been going on; that we will never allow to a minority of a thousand, two, five or ten, or one hundred thousand, to run Serbia at any time, just because they are violent. We will never allow that kind of a political development.
We will allow all kinds of protests, but the violence has come to an end. All those who take part in violence will answer for it. They will be processed in accordance with the law. Serbia is a democratic country; Serbia is legally organized country and Serbia will be able to respond to it in the best possible way and in accordance with the aforementioned principles."

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