29.08.2020. - 17:07

President Vučić meets young athletes from Kosovo and Metohija

President of the Republic of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić told today young athletes from Kosovo and Metohija that Belgrade has been and will always remain their capital and that they should fight with all their hearts for their homeland.

Photo: TANJUG / Tara Radovanović

"I wish you to preserve your shrines and homes. And most importantly, to be brought up in your schools and families as proud citizens of Serbia, aware of where your homeland is and where its capital is and to fight with all your heart for your the country of Serbia and to be good, hardworking and diligent", said President Vučić.
President Vučić told young athletes who came from Lešak, Kosovska Mitrovica, Zubin Potok and other places that Belgrade is a city of all Serbs, wherever they live.
"Belgrade must be stronger and more beautiful and better today, to always be more attractive to all Serbs, wherever they live. Belgrade is in your country, and you are at home in Belgrade," said President Vučić and told them they should learn as much as possible about Belgrade and to introduce other children to the capital of Serbia.

Photo: TANJUG / Tara Radovanović

President Vučić said that no human activity reveals the true nature of man as sport does because it always brings us back to the best and most important values.
"In sports, learn to lose and win and to accept both with dignity, and not to humiliate your opponents. Sports teaches you to fight," said President Vučić.
The President thanked the athletes and their teachers, the City of Belgrade and everyone who took part in the program, emphasising that he was particularly happy that the athletes from Kosovo and Metohija visited the Red Star and Partizan football stadiums, as well as the Saint Sava Temple.
"Everyone almost unanimously said that they had the best time in the Temple of Saint Sava," said President Vučić, adding they would be invited to the opening and consecration of the Temple in October, and that Russian President Vladimir Putin would also be invited. They will be able to greet and address him and say in one word what perturbs them in Kosovo and Metohija.
President Vučić handed fourteen-year-old tennis player Filip Pavić from Novo Brdo - who won 25 tournaments - a racket and a ball and told him to continue winning, while he, on behalf of all athletes from Kosovo and Metohija, handed the President a T-shirt with the signatures of all of them.

Photo: TANJUG / Tara Radovanović


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