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08.07.2019. - 14:25

Letter of Congratulations to the New Prime Minister of the Hellenic Republic

President of the Republic of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić conveyed the Letter of Congratulations to the new Prime Minister of the Hellenic Republic, Mr Kyriakos Mitsotakis, which reads the following:

„Please accept my sincere congratulations for your victory in the parliamentary elections, accompanied by my best wishes that a strong will and committed work bring you much success in your responsible duty of the Prime Minister for the wellbeing of the Hellenic Republic and friendly people of Greece.
I am convinced that you, as the Prime Minister of Greece and especially as a descendant of Eleftherios Venizelos and son of Konstantinos Mitsotakis – the confirmed friends of the Serbian people – will continue with your support to Serbia and that you will be committed to the cooperation between our two countries.
Centuries long ties and friendship of Serbia and Greece as well as of the Serbian and Greek people are featured by closeness and solidity, entwined with mutual respect and understanding and confirmed through examples of solidarity in the most difficult of historical moments. I hope we will continue with its development to the mutual benefit and through the good practice of sessions of the High Council for Cooperation between Serbia and Greece, so as to promote the cooperation up to the strategic partnership level in this year, when we mark the 140th anniversary as of the establishment of our diplomatic relations.
I avail myself of this opportunity to say that I am honoured because Serbia has gained the trust to become a part of Quadrilateral i.e. of the High Council for Cooperation between Serbia, Greece, Bulgaria and Romania, as I deem this format of cooperation very important for the development of good neighbourly relations as well as for the social and economic development of Serbia. That is why I wish to point out that in accordance with the policy of Serbia to promote the policy of peace and cooperation in the region, we are also ready for other multilateral formats of cooperation in the interest of political stability and economic development.
Please, allow me to express my gratitude for the support of Greece to our European path, and to emphasise that due to the consistent support to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Serbia and help in the protection of its substantial state and national interests, your country enjoys the highest respect of the Serbian people. I believe you also convinced yourself in this on the occasion of your previous visits to Serbia, when you visited Belgrade as the leader of New Democracy – a sister party of the Serbian Progressive Party whose president I am and which sees your victory in the parliamentary elections as the victory of all of us in the family of the European People’s Party.
While wishing you good health and personal happiness and expecting to meet you again soon, please accept, Excellency, my cordial regards and the assurances of my highest consideration”, states the congratulations letter of President Vučić to the Prime Minister Mitsotakis.
President Vučić also conveyed a letter to the previous Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, in which he expressed his gratitude for “the contribution to the good cooperation between Serbia and Greece which he rendered as the Prime Minister of Greece while performing that honourable and demanding duty in a committed and decisive manner”. 
8th July 2019

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