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01.07.2021. - 11:48

Meeting on the occasion of the organisation of the World Boxing Championship in 2021

President of the Republic of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić met today with the Minister of Sports of the Russian Federation, Oleg Matytsin, the President of the World Boxing Federation, Umar Kremlev and members of the World Boxing Federation delegation, to discuss the most important issues regarding the organisation of the World Boxing Championship to be held in Belgrade this year.

President Vučić thanked the members of the Organising Committee for the great work they invested not only in the preparations for the championship itself but also in strengthening the vision of boxing and popularisation of this sport in the region since boxing in Serbia and surrounding countries has been unfairly neglected for a long time. The President emphasised that that is why a lot of effort and enthusiasm was invested in terms of organizing the World Cup.
"This will be an event of great importance for our country. It will be a great return of boxing skills to the Balkans and Eastern Europe", said the President and emphasised that large resources are directed towards making the World Boxing Championship a spectacular event that will push the boundaries not only in the organisation but also in the number of spectators and overall quality and level, both in terms of the profile of the competitors and the conditions that will be provided to the athletes.
The President particularly emphasised the fact that holding such a large international competition is extremely important for raising awareness among young people who want to play boxing and who will have the opportunity to see some of the world's most famous names in this sport. In that context, the President pointed out, the World Boxing Championship will promote the sports lifestyle and fair play among the young generations in the best way.
The Minister of Sports of the Russian Federation, Oleg Matytsin, thanked President Vučić for his personal engagement in this event and added that Serbia is a country known for top athletes, as well as for the exceptional organisation of top sports events.
Minister Matytsin particularly indicated that the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, personally told President Vučić that his country would provide all the necessary assistance to Serbia in the World Cup organisation.
"Sport is out of politics, but in this case, sport is an important instrument of the policy of peace and mutual connection," said the Minister of Sports of the Russian Federation, Oleg Matytsin.
The President of the World Boxing Federation, Umar Kremlev, said it was not easy to organise such an event, but that he was certain that the realisation will be successful since the President of Serbia personally joined the organisation. He added that boxing is a spectacle in itself, but that some of the biggest names in boxing will further enhance the promotion of the entire event, while the most famous global media have joined the media coverage of the championship.
The members of the Organising Committee also discussed infrastructural, technical and other issues of importance for the World Cup organisation.
1st July 2021

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