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30.03.2021. - 14:51

Meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic

President of the Republic of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić met today with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic Tomáš Petříček, to discuss the improvement of bilateral, economic and parliamentary cooperation, as well as investments, trade exchange growth and numerous projects in various areas of interest to the Czech Republic and Serbia. 

President Vučić thanked Minister Petříček for his visit and emphasised that regular contacts and meetings of officials are of exceptional importance for the improvement of relations between Serbia and the Czech Republic. The President particularly welcomed the economic forum of the two countries in the conditions of a pandemic, which reflects the healthy interest of companies and businessmen in expanding their business, so that regular economic flows could continue as soon as possible following an extremely difficult year.
"Serbia holds great respect for the Czech economic achievements in the previous decade. I am convinced that we will fight the pandemic and that our economic cooperation will contribute to mitigating the serious economic consequences of the pandemic as soon as possible so that we can all turn to future projects that will raise people's quality of life," said President Vučić. Serbia has become one of the countries with the best conditions for foreign investors since it is politically stable and has a prominent team of experts who have worked hard to create an exceptional investment climate.
Minister Petříček expressed gratitude for the opportunity to come to Belgrade with a business delegation and added that economic cooperation is of great importance for both sides. He added that the crisis has reduced the level and scope of economic cooperation, but that the trade of 1.2 billion euros that was realised last year is very important, considering that 2020, in addition to the difficult health situation, was also extremely challenging for the whole world in the economic sense.
"I am convinced that businessmen will find space for improving cooperation, as well as for investing and realising new projects," said Minister Petříček, emphasising that bilateral economic cooperation between Serbia and the Czech Republic is based on developed trade exchange and growing Czech investments.
"We want to consider more business opportunities in Serbia, and that is why 20 businessmen came with me. Before the crisis, we had the lowest unemployment rate and now we are exploring other business destinations and opportunities, and Serbia is very close to us culturally and historically," said Minister Petříček, adding that the Czech Republic wants to maintain regular contacts with Serbia at the highest level.
President Vučić pointed out that he accepted with special pleasure the invitation of President Zeman to visit Prague in May this year and added that he was convinced that during that visit projects would be initiated, the implementation of which should begin as soon as possible for the mutual benefit of the two countries.
30th March 2021

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