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29.09.2019. - 20:12

President congratulates the national volleyball team

President of the Republic of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić congratulated tonight the Serbian men's national volleyball team and the coaching staff the winning of the gold medal at the European Championship in France. The congratulation reads:

„Your gold has illuminated the whole of Serbia and every part of the world where our people live, and your performance and audacity have overwhelmed Europe. A magnificent and virtuosic victory has shown how the medal is conquered by heart. You believed in yourself, and with your skill and commitment you have overshadowed all the rivals, and our people welcomed this splendid victory with pride and huge happiness. Thank you for bringing the gold to Serbia, thank you for raising the flag and the name of our country to the European championship throne! Serbia is today with you on the top of Europe, and our people will welcome you at home with hearts full of joy, as always so far", reads the congratulation of President Vučić. 
Belgrade, 29th September 2019

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