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09.09.2019. - 12:40

President Vučić meets the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality

President of the Republic of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić met earlier today with the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality Brankica Janković to discuss numerous activities the central state institution for protection from discrimination implements aimed at achieving full equality of all our citizens, especially in smaller communities in Serbia.

President Vučić and Commissioner Janković also tackled the respect of human rights of national minorities and agreed that Serbia fully complies with all the international standards.  National minorities enjoy equal treatment with respect to all the rights and obligations, and all protection mechanisms in individual discrimination cases continue to be available to them. Unfortunately, the citizens who live in Kosovo and Metohija are in an unequal position regarding the exercising of basic human rights, and any effort made in that respect represents a step forward towards the change of their position.
President Vučić emphasised that the full employment and stability of job positions with equal opportunities for all and adequate family support services as well as partnership relations between men and women, lead towards a better quality of life of all our citizens. The President indicated that he is fully aware of the challenges the citizens face on daily basis, but that he believes we are all ready to solve the problems responsibly.
Commissioner Janković notified the President about the particularly difficult cases of discrimination in the labour market as well as about the measures she undertakes. She thanked the President for the continuous support, and particularly for the emphasis placed on the importance of acting of the state authorities following the recommendations for discrimination elimination.
„In order to build a truly more just society which accepts and acknowledges the diversity as its advantage, it is necessary to remember and get reminded of the historical data which are important for our better future", emphasised President Vučić. In that sense, the President supported the suggestion of the Commissioner to address the relevant authorities of the CIty of Belgrade with the initiative to name our streets after our female fellow-citizens, as without their merits, our culture, art and society as a whole would be deprived of many advantages we nowadays enjoy.
9th September 2019

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