Састанак са француским парламентарцима

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14.06.2019. - 19:07

President Vučić meets the Parliament delegation of the Republic of France

President of the Republic of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, received today the MPs of the National Assembly of the Republic of France from the „Republic On the Move“ - Jacques Maire and Liliana Tanguy, respectively the Vice-President and the Member of the parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee.

President Vučić said he was looking forward to the upcoming visit of President Macron to Serbia, which he sees as acknowledgment of good and comprehensive bilateral relations, in particular because the visit falls in the year in which both Serbia and France mark the 180th anniversary of diplomatic relations establishment. He emphasised that during the course of the last several years political dialogue has intensified and strengthening of economic cooperation has become notable, stating that over 100 French companies operate in Serbia. President Vučić also pointed out the significance of parliamentary cooperation between the two countries.
President Vučić presented to the parliamentary delegation the reasons for a deadlock in the dialogue between Belgrade and Priština. He stressed out that Serbia is fully committed to the EU facilitated and aimed at achieving a compromise and mutually acceptable solution. “For the dialogue to continue, it is necessary that Priština revokes the tariffs on goods produced in central Serbia”, said President Vučić during the meeting. He thanked President Macron for initiating the meetings in Berlin and Paris together with Chancellor Merkel, as a support to the dialogue and finding a solution for the issue of Kosovo and Metohija and thus for the stability in the region. President Vučić also expressed gratitude to France for its understanding with respect to the standpoints of Serbia and for its support on our European path.
The French Assembly deputies said the objective of their visit was to arouse a greater interest for the Western Balkans in France and in the European Union, and to assist in implementation of European values and standards in the region - in particular in the areas of the rule of law and media freedom. They presented their proposal to President Vučić on initiation of inter-parliamentary dialogue in the region within the Berlin process.

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