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15.03.2021. - 17:02

President Vučić talks with the Special Representative of the American State Department for the Western Balkans

President of the Republic of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić spoke today via video link with the US State Department's Special Representative for the Western Balkans, Matthew Palmer, with whom he discussed numerous regional issues, the general situation regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, economic recovery measures and continuation of dialogue with Priština.

The interlocutors primarily discussed the current situation regarding the pandemic, which left serious consequences for the health and lives of people around the world, as well as the global economy. President Vučić informed Special Representative Palmer about the measures taken by Serbia to protect the population, as well as about the course of vaccination of Serbian citizens.
Palmer congratulated Serbia on the exceptional success in vaccination, as well as on the help in vaccines that were delivered to the countries in the region. He particularly pointed out the importance of such a regional policy aimed at solidarity and connection, emphasising that in challenging times countries should find an opportunity to express their readiness for cooperation.
The two interlocutors also discussed the overall regional situation and agreed that peace and stability in the Western Balkans are essential for the political and economic progress of the entire region.
"Serbia is and will always be firmly committed to peace, prosperity and well-being of all people living in the Western Balkans. In that sense, our country is consistently committed to dialogue, solidarity, projects and cooperation aimed at connecting peoples, cultures and economies, which will altogether contribute to the overall stability and better life of all", said President Vučić and added that today's talks were, as always, open and contentful.
"We have considered many important issues, as well as all the differences that exist between us," said President Vučić, emphasising that one of Serbia's foreign policy priorities is to find solutions in the future that would bring better and more intensive bilateral relations between the United States and Serbia.
The US official indicated that one of the US priorities is the stability and security of the Western Balkans and commended Serbia's constructive role in regional initiatives, such as the "mini-Schengen" initiative and numerous infrastructure projects that would significantly improve the quality of life of all citizens in the region and further develop and strengthen regional economic integration.
President Vučić particularly accentuated that Serbia will continue to strive for achieving a sound and sustainable compromise in resolving the issue of Kosovo and Metohija, while protecting the interests of the Serbs who live there, along with preserving the state and national interests of Serbia.
Palmer stressed that the United States supports the process led by the European Union and added that he expects the dialogue to continue soon, emphasising the importance of implementing the Brussels Agreement and reaffirming the United States' commitment to dialogue and talks on contentious issues.
The two interlocutors also discussed the importance of media freedoms in the region, the economic situation, as well as the consequences of the pandemic on the economy of all countries, with special emphasis on economic recovery measures and further economic cooperation between Serbia and the United States.
15th March 2021

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