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05.05.2020. - 11:43

Telephone conversation with the President of Georgia

President of the Republic of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić spoke earlier today by telephone with the President of Georgia Salome Zourabichvili.

President Vučić expressed hope that Serbia and Georgia will soon tackle the coronavirus epidemic and return to regular life and economic flows, which would also enable intensification of cooperation between the two countries.
President Vučić expressed his satisfaction with the opening of the Georgian diplomatic office in Belgrade, as it enables direct communication between the two countries as well as agreements on various activities that contribute to the development of bilateral relations. He also announced that a diplomatic office of Serbia would be opened in Tbilisi soon for the same purpose.
President Vučić thanked President Zourabichvili for Georgia's principled position to respect the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Serbia, not recognising the unilaterally declared independence of Kosovo and voting against the membership of so-called Kosovo in international organisations. At the same time, he emphasised the principled position of our country to respect the territorial integrity and sovereignty of internationally recognised states.
President Vučić and President Zourabichvili also discussed European integration, expressing mutual support on the European path and cooperation with the European Union, which Georgia is achieving through the Eastern Partnership programme.
The two presidents expressed satisfaction that the Joint Committee for Economic, Trade and Scientific-Technical Cooperation started working last year because the potentials for cooperation in that area have not been sufficiently used and the trade exchange remains at a modest level. They agreed that cooperation in the fields of energy, agriculture, construction, tourism and information technology continues to be a priority.
President Vučić told President Zourabichvili that he expects her visit to Serbia at the end of June to commemorate the anniversary of the two countries' diplomatic relations.
5th May 2020

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