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14.05.2020. - 22:08

Telephone conversation with the President of the Russian Federation

President of the Republic of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić talked by the telephone today with the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin.

President Vučić conveyed his condolences to President Putin for the victims of COVID-19 in Russia and expressed hope that - with decisive measures - he will successfully fight the coronavirus epidemic and return to regular life and economic flows as soon as possible so that the plans for the future can be realised. He also said that Serbia is ready to assist Russia in the fight against this contagious disease, if necessary and within its capacities.
President Vučić also thanked President Putin for affirming the outstanding strategic relations between Serbia and Russia by expressing concern for our country and sending medical assistance. "Serbia is as much privileged to have a sincere friend like Russia as I am honoured by our personal relationship of mutual respect and trust," President Vučić told President Putin.
He briefed his counterpart in Moscow that he had decided to - with the consent of the Russian side - decorate the members of the Russian Federation Armed Forces team who helped prevent the spread of coronavirus and suppress the infectious disease COVID-19 with great dedication and who put the epidemic under control in the biggest hotspots. 
President Vučić informed President Putin about all events in the region - from the situation in Kosovo and Metohija to the persecution of clergy of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Montenegro.
The two presidents also discussed the interior painting of the Saint Sava temple in Belgrade and agreed that it is necessary to continue working together soon, so that this Orthodox shrine, with the help of Russia, could be completed as planned.
President Vučić and President Putin expressed the expectation that circumstances would soon allow the exchange of high-level visits and the resumption of previously planned interstate contacts.
President Vučić expressed satisfaction that the Victory Day, despite the postponement of the traditional Red Square parade, was marked with dignity and that the Serbian and Russian people, in the spirit of their freedom-loving nature, respect their heroes, not allowing the falsification of history.
14th May 2020

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