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03.02.2021. - 14:31

Telephone conversation with the President of the Russian Federation

President of the Republic of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić talked on the telephone today with the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. The two statesmen asserted that no one can break the friendship between Serbia and Russia and that relations between the two countries are stable and on the rise.

President Vučić thanked President Putin for his support in the fight against the coronavirus, especially for the Sputnik V vaccine's delivery because it contributed to our country leading the way in vaccinating the population. President Vučić asked President Putin to help us get additional quantities of the Russian vaccine as soon as possible so that as many Serbian citizens as possible would receive reliable protection against the coronavirus in the nearest future. He also stressed that Serbia, with the help of experts from Russia, will build the facilities and produce vaccines independently.
In a long friendly conversation, the two statesmen discussed the whole range of topics covering the areas of bilateral cooperation, as well as regional and international situations.
President Vučić and President Putin stated that Serbia and Russia had confirmed a high degree of mutual understanding and friendship in the past period, marked by difficulties brought about by the coronavirus. President Vučić expressed his gratitude to President Putin for Minister Lavrov's message in the Saint Sava temple.
President Vučić confirmed that Serbia intends to further develop strategic relations with Russia and stated that economic cooperation opportunities are much greater than those employed. Therefore, he said that special attention should be paid to increasing trade, completing current and launching new joint energy and infrastructure projects, further strengthening cooperation in technological development and innovation, and military-technical cooperation. In that regard, President Putin highlighted the importance of the Intergovernmental Joint Commission for Cooperation.
President Vučić underlined the importance of the Balkan Stream gas pipeline, which contributes to Serbia's energy stability.
Discussing the regional situation with President Putin, President Vučić thanked him for his unwavering personal support for Serbia's territorial integrity and sovereignty, as well as for the active support of the Russian state on the issue of Kosovo and Metohija. 
"Russia understands our efforts to ensure peace and stability in the region and Serbia's readiness for dialogue and compromise as the only way to resolve open issues," said President Vučić.
3rd February 2021

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