Secretary general

The General Secretariat is headed by the Secretary General of the President of the Republic (hereinafter referred to as the Secretary General), who is appointed and replaced by the President.

Secretary General makes sure that the General Secretariat operates in a timely and proper fashion and that it cooperates with other governmental bodies, autonomous provinces, municipalities, towns and cities and the City of Belgrade.
Secretary General is vested with the same powers and responsibilities in managing the General Secretariat as a Cabinet Minister in charge of a Government Department (Ministry) and is the order-issuing authority for disbursing funds allocated for the activity of the President and the General Secretariat.
Secretary General has a deputy nominated by the Secretary General himself and who is appointed and replaced by the President. 

Secretary General issues the Regulation on the Internal Organization and Job Schemes within the General Secretariat of the President, which is previously approved by the President.
Secretary General and his Deputy are officials whose term of office ends if they resign, if they are replaced or when the new President takes oath of office.