24.03.2020. - 19:21

President Vučić addresses the nation on remembering the 21 years as of the beginning of NATO aggression

"Today is 21 years since the beginning of NATO aggression against our country. The citizens of Serbia will never forget the crime committed by a coalition of the 19 most powerful states in the world, as well as the thousands who were killed in that aggression, and whose sole guilt was that of being Serbs or citizens of Serbia. 
We were guilty because the great Western powers wanted to continue with the fragmentation of the Serbian territory, and Serbia and its citizens were merely incidental - or as they named it - collateral damage. For us in Serbia, little Milica from Batajnica and little Sanja from Varvarin and all the other children, our soldiers and police officers, all of them together are our grief, our tragedy and a reminder of a horrific crime that we must not forget. 
They have been striking and killing Serbia to occupy Kosovo, and they thought they had finished their job forever in 2008. They were physically much more powerful in 1999, and Serbia was politically fatally weak by 2008.
In the aftermath of all, and after many painful years, we managed to economically recover, rebuild, and lift the libertarian spirit of our people as the phoenix bird rose from the ashes. We also reinstated Kosovo as a topic to the international stage. 
And we will keep striving for our nation, our people, but also for Serbia in Kosovo and Metohija. 
And today, 21 years later, we know how horrifying a crime they have committed against us, but we have learned a great deal from our own mistakes, irresponsible political actions and heroism without cover. 
The past is important, and we must not forget it, but the future is paramount. That is why it is imperative that we also develop alliances and friendships with those who aggressively attacked our country without seeking revenge, just as we did not pray for mercy. 
Cooperation and partnership are the keywords on which we will build a more abundant and more prosperous Serbia. 
At the same time, this day represents an opportunity to thank all our friends in the world who opposed the aggression against our country and who stood on the side of justice in those difficult times. 
In particular, we must pay tribute to all Serbian heroes who laid down their lives on the altar of the fatherland. 
We must never forget our pilots who defied a much more powerful enemy, nor the Košare heroes, nor our slain children. 
For our sake and for the sake of our future, we will have to find the strength to forgive those who committed this horrific crime against our homeland. 
May proud and libertarian Serbia live forever!" 
24th March 2020

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