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23.07.2019. - 16:18

Congratulation to the New Prime Minister of Great Britain

President of the Republic of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić extended his congratulations to Boris Johnson, the elected new Conservative leader in the ballot of party members and the new British Prime Minister, with wishes for success in his work and which reads as follows:

“Your election asserts the great trust granted to your experience as much as to the ideas on confronting the challenges that Great Britain encounters. I am convinced that, as you said, you will bring new energy to your country and lead it along the steady path of progress.
You will find in me a reliable partner in the development of political dialogue and in the strengthening of economic cooperation between our two countries. I therefore hope that you will be the first British Prime Minister to visit Serbia after almost 40 years. Your visit would affirm that the desire for better and more prosperous Serbian-British relations is mutual, which would be highly appreciated and valued in Serbia.
In line with the regard we have for the contribution of Great Britain to the Berlin process and cooperation in the Western Balkans, I wish to emphasise again that through maintaining of its policy of peace, Serbia will advance to seek stability in the Western Balkans as grounds for the economic and every other progress of Serbia and the region. At the same time, I wish to express my gratitude to the British Government for providing its support to the process of reforms in Serbia through the projects such as the digital transformation and e-Government strengthening, funded through the Good Administration Fund", reads the congratulation of President Vučić.
23rd July 2019

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