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15.06.2019. - 07:28

Letter of Congratulations to the President of the People's Republic of China

President of the Republic of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić conveyed today a Letter of Congratulations to the President of the People's Republic of China, Xi Jinping, which reads the following:

„Your Excellency, dear friend,
Please accept my sincere felicitations for your birthday with the best of wishes for your good health and personal happiness as well as much success in your responsible duties for the prosperity of the friendly China and all of its citizens.
Allow me to express once again the huge respect for your devoted work. I am convinced that China, with the wisdom and audacity attributive to your leadership, will continue to achieve the impressive goals and count its successes in all areas and in both domestic and international planes, especially in the year in which the People's Republic of China marks the 70th anniversary of its founding.
I avail myself this opportunity to thank you again for your sincere hospitality during the 2nd Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation, and in particular for the honour to be among the three leaders who made the final address at this prominent event. Through interconnection of China with the countries on the new Silk Road and through their mutual connection, your Belt and Road initiative will make the world richer and therefore I thank you because Serbia is a part of this biggest development project in the modern world. With its trust in ideals of equality and solidarity, Serbia will always remain supportive of the striving of China to build up a more just world order in line with the international laws and principles of equality among all countries irrespective of their size, social and economic systems, historical heritage or the level of development. Due to this and to the wholehearted advocacy for peace and stability, you enjoy a huge respect not only in China, but far beyond its borders, wherever the true spirit of freedom and independence is admired.
I am proud to be the President of Serbia in the times when – regardless of the geographic distance – it is firmly tied with China through strategic partnership and steel friendship, based on the mutual respect and understanding. To you, to our dear friend, we owe a huge gratitude for permanent progress in the bilateral cooperation in all areas, and especially for the intensive political dialogue and fruitful economic cooperation.
With a steadfast gratitude for the sincere support of China to the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Serbia, and for your consistent position regarding the issues of the essential state and national interests, I wish to confirm, Excellency, the unwavering position of Serbia in its support to the One-China policy.
With a huge joy from having the honour to wish you a welcome to Serbia again, Excellency, please receive my sincere greetings and the assurances of my highest consideration”, states the congratulations letter of President Vučić.
15 June 2019

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