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04.07.2019. - 07:00

Letter of Congratulations to the President of the United States of America

President of the Republic of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić conveyed today a Letter of Congratulations to the President of the United States of America Donald Trump for the Independence Day, which reads the following:

Your Excellency, Dear President,
Please accept my sincere congratulations for the Independence Day - national holiday of the United States of America, as well as my best wishes for further progress of your country and wellbeing of all its citizens. 
Every fourth of July citizens of the USA celebrate universal values, written in the Declaration of Independence, adopted 243 years ago. Those are, like you said, key values that make the American nation and whose strength inspires and gives hope, but they are likewise important for all those striving to liberty, equality and prosperity. 
In previous period we celebrated important anniversaries from our common history, remembering bright examples of our alliance in great historical moments. At the end of the World War I, the American President Woodrow Wilson said that "the principles Serbia had heroically fought for and due to which it had suffered in that war are identical to those the USA advocate."
I am convinced that now we also have the opportunity to bring back the relations of our countries, through the development of political dialogue and strengthening of economic and every other cooperation, to the level of true partnership, the way they used to be and the way they should be. I hope that a desire for richer and better Serbian-American bonds is mutual and that we will remind ourselves more in the future of what connects us. 
I avail myself of this opportunity to thank you for the support that the United States of America provide us on our European path, and particularly for supporting the efforts Serbia has been making in promoting the politics of peace and cooperation in the Western Balkans, as well as in finding compromise solution within the dialogue with Priština. 
With a hope that you will visit us soon, please accept Your Excellency my cordial regards and the assurances of my highest consideration”, states the congratulations letter of President Vučić.
4 July 2019

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