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14.10.2020. - 14:34

Meeting with the Ambassador of the Republic of Croatia

President of the Republic of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić met earlier today with the Ambassador of the Republic of Croatia Hidajet Biščević, to discuss the need of the two countries to dedicate themselves to developing good neighbourly relations and strengthening cooperation as the relations between Serbia and Croatia are essential for the entire region. 

President Vučić and Ambassador Biščević affirmed the readiness of both sides to develop infrastructure projects, especially the railway between Belgrade and Zagreb, and to work on better management of the Danube navigability.
The two interlocutors expressed hope that circumstances would soon enable the renewal of political dialogue and the work of joint commissions in various areas of cooperation. President Vučić emphasised the work of the Commission for Missing Persons as above all it represents a civilisational and humanitarian issue. 
AMbassador Biščević conveyed to President Vučić the gratitude of Prime Minister Andrej Plenković for his engagement regarding the House of Count Jelačić in Petrovaradin and its assignment to the Croatian community. President VUčić said he was proud that Serbia fulfils its promises, and that it will continue to improve the position of the local Croatian community, with which we wish to live in peace. 
President Vučić also said that he would continue to advocate for the improvement of the position of Serbs in Croatia, just as the Croatian authorities advocate for the position of Croats in Serbia.
President Vučić said he expected that in the future, through mutual respect, the obstacles created by different understandings of the past would be overcome, so that the policy of peace and cooperation would bring mutual benefits to the citizens of Serbia and Croatia, especially in the field of economy.
Belgrade, 14th October 2020

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