Састанак са амбасадором Сједињених Америчких Држава

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05.02.2020. - 12:54

Meeting with the US Ambassador to Serbia

President of the Republic of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić met earlier today with the Ambassador of the United States to Serbia Anthony Godfrey who conveyed to him the personal congratulations of President Donald Trump on the occasion of the National Day of the Republic of Serbia.

President Vučić thanked for the engagement of President Trump and the US administration, and in particular of the Special Envoy for Belgrade-Priština dialogue, Ambassador Richard Grenell, as well as for understanding the needs of people in the region regarding the improvement of the living standard and better economic and infrastructural integration.
Ambassador Godfrey briefed President Vučić on President Trump's proposal to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian dispute. President Vučić said that Serbia, as a country interested in the stable Middle East, welcomes the efforts and energy President Trump invests to make progress in finding a solution to this long-standing dispute.
"Serbia is committed to improving relations with both Israel and Palestine and wants a lasting and sustainable solution that would bring stability and progress to all. It is up to the leaders of Israel and Palestine to determine whether President Trump's proposal can satisfy the aspirations of the two nations. As a United Nations member, Serbia respects all resolutions of that organisation related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and supports dialogue, thus opposing unilateral measures by either party. Frozen conflicts do not represent a basis for much needed peace and stability and we hope that the two sides will find a way in the future to reach an agreement that will lead to a more peaceful and stable Middle East and a better life for all the people in the region," said President Vučić.
US Ambassador to Belgrade Anthony Godfrey expressed gratitude because Serbia welcomes President Trump's efforts to find a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian dispute, as well as Serbia's contribution to maintaining regional peace and stability. He stressed that he was proud of Serbia for its decision to rebuild rail links with Priština and thus facilitate trade and investments.
5th February 2020

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