Састанак са амбасадором Француске Републике

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26.06.2019. - 15:47

President Vučić meets the Ambassador of the Republic of France

President of the Republic of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić met earlier today with the Ambassador of the Republic of France Frédéric Mondoloni. They discussed the upcoming visit of the French President to Serbia, the situation in the region and the European path of our country.

Considering that the upcoming visit will be the first such visit of the President of France to Serbia after 18 years, it will represent a huge advance in the relations between the two countries, said President Vučić and added that after the French strategy on Western Balkans it will also constitute an exceptional opportunity for talks on the European integration of Serbia.
President Vučić pointed out that during the visit of President Macron many important contracts and agreements on economic cooperation will be signed as well as military-technical agreements and agreements on cooperation in the areas of culture and sports, along with many investment projects.
President Vučić particularly stressed out his wish for deepening of relations between Serbia and France and added that the visit of the President of France after 18 years represents a huge advance in relations between the two countries.
President Vučić emphasized the readiness of Belgrade for continuation of the dialogue as soon as Kosovo abolishes the anti-civilisational and unlawfully introduced taxes, and added that one-sided moves of Priština are unacceptable as they bear the risk of escalation of conflicts and jeopardise the peace and stability in the region.
Ambassador Mondoloni greeted the approach of Serbia towards the current crisis in relations with Priština, and pointed out that France supports the peaceful reaction of the Serbian side. He emphasised that the visit of President Macron will convey three messages: improvement of economic cooperation, support to reforms in Serbia, and support to a dialogue-driven normalisation of relations between Belgrade and Priština.
26 June 2019

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