Председник Вучић састао се са министром за науку и технологију НР Кине

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08.10.2019. - 13:25

President Vučić meets the Minister of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China

President of the Republic of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić met earlier today with the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China Wang Zhigang on the occasion of the Fourth Conference of the People's Republic of China and 17 countries of Central and Eastern Europe on cooperation in innovations hosted by the Republic of Serbia.

President Vučić emphasised that this conference represents an exceptional opportunity for further improvement of relations between Serbia and China in the field of innovations and technological development. „We wish to use the potential of the bilateral relations with China in order to shape our innovation policy based on the know-how and guidance of our Chinese partners", added President Vučić. He expressed hope that the improvement of cooperation between the Serbian and Chinese innovation companies will contribute to the digitalisation of the Serbian economy and opening of new high-technology related jobs. 
Minister Wang accepted the suggestion of President Vučić for a joint establishment of a Research Centre for researching the innovation ecosystems and effects of artificial intelligence in the countries comprised by the 'Road and Belt' initiative. He said that a team will be formed to provide support for drafting of the Strategy for innovations and artificial intelligence in Serbia. Minister Wang expects the highest results in the future cooperation between Serbia and China in the field of new technologies, artificial intelligence and robotics, which would position Serbia as the leading regional country in the application of new technologies. He thanked President Vučić for the initiative and contribution in the organisation of the Ministerial conference on innovations, where the participating companies will present the 5G technology, super-fast trains and smart cities' technologies. 
The interlocutors agreed that during the next visit of President Xi Jinping a memorandum will be signed on cooperation in the field of innovations, artificial intelligence and robotics. 
Belgrade, 8th October 2019

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