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03.06.2020. - 17:43

Telephone conversation with the President of the Islamic Republic Iran

President of the Republic of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić talked on the phone with the President of the Islamic Republic Iran, Hassan Rouhani.

President Vučić thanked President Rouhani for the initiative for this conversation and underlined that Serbia would develop cooperation with Iran in areas with realistic possibilities and mutual interest. He expressed hope that both countries would successfully overcome current health situation and commit to fulfilling plans for the future, as well as to developing bilateral cooperation, particularly the economic one, because it lags behind good political relations. In that regard, he emphasised the areas with considerable cooperation possibilities such as agriculture and food industry,  as well as various manufacturing areas - construction,  mining and energy and IT.
President Vučić pointed out that Serbia was truly grateful to Iran which shows its friendship by principled position on non-recognition of the unilaterally declared independence of Kosovo, as well as by support for this issue, despite extensive pressures.  
President Rouhani said that Iran would remain consistent regarding its respect for the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Serbia and it would continue supporting our country in international organisations. He reiterated Iran's commitment to continue developing comprehensive relations with Serbia and thanked President Vučić for his engagement in developing bilateral cooperation.
President Vučić extended his sympathy for the victims of the infectious disease COVID-19 in Iran.
The two interlocutors expressed hope that suppressing epidemic of this infectious disease would soon enable previously planned interstate contacts and exchange of visits. President Rohani invited President Vučić - once the circumstances make it possible - to pay a visit to Iran, which President Vučić gladly accepted.
3rd June 2020

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