21.06.2019. - 19:43

President Vučić pays a two-day visit to Belarus

On the occasion of his two-day official visit to Belarus, President of the Republic of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić talked earlier today in Minsk with President Aleksandar Lukashenko, where they discussed the bilateral cooperation and all actual foreign-policy issues on both domestic and international agendas.

After the talks with President Lukashenko, President Vučić said that he visits a friendly country and emphasised that bilateral relations with Belarus are at the highest level.
The Minsk talks held today particularly addressed the need for trade exchange improvement between the two countries, as such exchange, said President Vučić, should be set at much larger scale.
The two Presidents also talked about the upcoming visit of President Lukashenko to Serbia, while their agenda also tackled the issue of the current status of the Kosovo problem and the prospects for its solution.
“It seems I managed to explain the position of Serbia in details in addition to the usual gratitude I expressed because Belarus did not recognise the Kosovo independence and because it respects the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Serbia”, said President Vučić.
President Vučić pointed out that Lukashenko was the only chief of state who came to our country during the NATO bombing, which Serbia cannot forget. “On that occasion he showed his huge heart and love towards the Serbian people”, said President Vučić.
President Vučić believes that several arrangements and agreements aimed at increase of the trade exchange will be completed prior to the arrival of President Lukashenko to Serbia.
President Vučić expressed his particular gratitude to President Lukashenko for the four “MIG” aircrafts we obtained from Belarus as well as for the favourable overhaul prices whereby Belarus helped Serbia to a significant extent.
Upon arrival to Minsk, where President Vučić stays for the occasion of the 2nd European Games, the President of Serbia was accorded a ceremonial reception. During his visit, the President will also meet the Russian Prime Minister Medvedev and other statesmen.

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