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President Vučić presents decorations on the Statehood Day of the Republic of Serbia

On the occasion of the Statehood Day of the Republic of Serbia, President of the Republic of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić presented decorations to deserving individuals and institutions and said that Sretenje (Presentation of Lord ) is a great day for Serbia, the day when the modern Serbian state was born.

President Vučić pointed out that Sretenje is our textbook and our reader, the time of re-examination, the time of unity of our people, wherever they live.
He noted that it was the day when the Vozhd Karađorđe Petrović raised an uprising for liberation from the Turks, but also the day when, thanks to Prince Miloš Obrenović and Dimitrije Davidović, Serbia adopted a modern and liberal, timeless Constitution - ahead of its time.

Photo: Presidency of Serbia / Dimitrije Goll

"Forty days after Christmas, we celebrate Sretenje - the most important date in the historical, political and religious calendar of our beautiful Serbia," said President Vučić, adding that today we are proud of our past and ancestors and that looking at them, Serbia is ready to work for the future of its children.
"This is a holiday of all those who love and live for their Serbia. Sretenje inspires our people in crucified Kosovo and Metohija, gives energy to our people in Montenegro, often forgotten by the motherland. I congratulate our people in the Republic of Srpska because our holidays are yours, and vice versa. We belong to the same family, and no one has the right to take it away from us", said President Vučić and emphasised that today is a holiday that gives strength for the survival of the Serbian hearth, Serbian name and surname, where it is most difficult.

Photo: Presidency of Serbia / Dimitrije Goll

"Thank you to the heroes of our time, who gave so much to Serbia and lived not only for themselves but for us. To give to Serbia without asking for anything in return, to incorporate one's work into its name, to sacrifice for it - is the most that someone can do in life, and that is why Serbia responds with gratitude and the greatest recognition it can give. Their names will be written in the eternal book of honour, courage and praise," President Vučić told the laureates.
By the decree of the President of the Republic of Serbia, 164 individuals, institutions and associations were decorated on the Statehood Day occasion.
Belgrade, 15th February 2021

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