24.08.2019. - 15:20

President Vučić talked to Professor Radenović

President of the Republic of Serbia talked earlier today with Professor Stojan Radenović, one of the best Serbian mathematicians, and said that the state will do all to retain the scientists who contributed to the high ranking of the Belgrade University on the Shanghai Ranking list, which includes significant increase of salaries in the field of science.

President Vučić emphasized that the state will not invest only in highways, water supply and sewerage systems, but also in scientific-technological parks, fast internet and digitalization. It will also try to return many people from abroad, and in particular to bestow respect to the ones who stayed here.
„On behalf of all our citizens and our country, I wish to thank you for your arduous work and tremendous efforts, for making the name of our country celebrated and not only your own name – in the fields of science and mathematics“, said President Vučić.
President Vučić thanked Professor Radenović for loving his Serbia so much and added that his words have awakened us as only with commitment and diligence we can achieve something. 
President Vučić reminded that several professors are deserving for the high ranking of Serbian universities on the Shanghai Ranking list and that the most meriting one is, by all means, Professor Radenović.
President Vučić pointed out that he analysed the reasons for success and the smaller successes alike, and that the data indicate that we have a small number of quoted authors in social sciences, whereas in economy, psychology and mathematics we have only a few. 
„The state will now show that it cares about science and culture and that after nurses, the highest increase in salaries will be made in these areas. I agree with Professor Radenović that scientists should reciprocate to the state with their performance and engagement, and not only by whining. We will establish a budget line concerning the Shanghai Ranking list to stimulate the publication of as many papers in the scientific magazines across the world", announced President Vučić.
President Vučić noted that Professor Radenović was in the Presidency building back in 2016 when then-President Nikolić awarded him with the Silver Medal for particular merits in science.

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