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03.10.2019. - 07:07

Congratulation to the President and to the Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany

The President of the Republic of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić congratulated the President of the Federal Republic of Germany, Frank-Walter Steinmeier and Chancellor Angela Merkel, stating:

"I hereby extend sincere congratulations on the German Unity Day with the best wishes for the progress of your country and the well-being of its citizens. 
I am convinced that the German state - which through bold decisions and wise solutions of its leaders always discerned the way to overcome major challenges - will continue to array the successes that also sustain the prosperity of the European Union, in which Serbia wants to gain a place, too. 
Serbia will always be a trustworthy friend and reliable partner to Germany, both through its efforts to implement the European values, to become an orderly and prosperous country and to earn the membership in the European Union and through its commitment to maintain stability in the region by upholding the policy of peace and cooperation which the Berlin Process considerably supports. 
We seek the stability in the Western Balkans because it is a prerequisite of any progress of the region, and above all of the economic development of Serbia. I would also like to emphasize on this occasion that the development of the Serbian economy is largely based on German investments and sound business operations of German companies which employ about 60,000 workers in our country. I believe that the strong momentum of our economic cooperation is also the result of Serbia's greater reputation in Germany, as well as of the mutual trust that makes our bilateral relations the highest in history. 
The great German writer Goethe has long admired the characters in Serbian epic literature, who, as he said, deserve respect "for their faithfulness to themselves and their faith in the ideas and legacy of their ancestors." Today's Serbia is also true to the ideas - the ideas of peace, stability, cooperation, economic prosperity and progress on the European path, and you can always rely on our commitment to their realization. 
With warm regards and a sincere desire to welcome you in Serbia, please accept the assurances of our highest consideration," states the congratulation of President Vučić. 
3rd October 2019

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