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24.12.2020. - 11:49

Congratulations to the members of the Air Force and Air Defence

President of the Republic of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić conveyed today his congratulations to all members of the Air Force and Air Defence on the occasion of 24th December, the Day of the Air Force and Air Defence. The congratulation reads:

"I congratulate all Air Force and Air Defence members on 24th December - the Army Branch Day.
Continuing the tradition of military aviation for more than a century, you are fostering and developing your army branch's traditional values in a unique way.
In the period since the previous holiday, you had confirmed that the units of the Air Force and Air Defence of the Serbian Army are true successors of that Serbia from 1912 when our country was one of the fifteen countries in the world that had an air force and one of the top five in the world which used aircraft in combat operations during the Balkan wars.
You used the objective possibilities to modernise and renew the units, which is a precondition for this branch of the Serbian Army's good operational and functional ability. I am convinced that you will continue to work on further reorganising the Army and successfully completing the commenced reforms.
Your units have achieved visible results in professional training and education and have contributed significantly to the development of the overall operational capabilities of the Serbian Army.
Upcoming obligations and planned tasks place new and complex demands on your members, which I am sure you will successfully solve by relying on the most valuable things that your army branch has at its disposal - people and their knowledge.
I congratulate you on your holiday, with the wish that you continue to be an active factor in the process of reorganisation of the Army, as well as new security courses in the country and the region," reads the congratulatory message from the President of the Republic of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić.
24th December 2020


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